Silicon Valley International Invention Festival, President of Jury

Mr. John Calvert currently serves as a former Executive Director for the United Inventors Association (UIA), the largest inventor non-profit in the US. He has served in that capacity for the past two years and has brought a strong name to the UIA after a number of difficult years.  His leadership has afforded the UIA with its current direction and strong position in the inventor community in the United States. As IFIA Executive Committee member, he will be able to provide the perspective of someone knowledgeable in intellectual property protect laws within the United States, and is a strong advocate for the independent inventor community.

John spent more than 24 years working at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  He began his career as a patent examiner and then worked for a number of years a Supervisory Patent Examiner.  During these early years he started working behind the scene as an advocate for independent inventors.  He also provided lectures and seminars for multiple inventor groups across the country.  In 2006 John was given the permanent responsibility of working with independent inventors, small businesses, universities and entrepreneurs.  In this capacity he provided assistance through one-on-one availability, lectures, seminars and educational videos.

Perhaps Mr. Calvert’s most valuable contribution to the independent inventor community has been his tireless efforts to ensure that pro bono patent legal services become readily available for under-resourced inventors. John worked with the legal community to help launch multiple programs across the country. The first patent pro bono program was launched in Minnesota in June 2010. His uncanny ability to collaborate and generate enthusiasm around a worthy cause, contributed greatly to its success. John and his compatriots in the legal community made the patent system available to those in US who otherwise could not afford to file for patents. The program that started small in Minnesota has now flourished across the US and now is a model for international programs.


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