Nolan Brown LLC, President

Patricia Nolan-Brown is the author of the bestselling book “IDEA TO INVENTION: What You Need to Know to Cash In on Your Inspiration”

Patricia is most noted for inventing the best selling Rear-Facing Car Seat Mirror (selling worldwide) and has been inventing and marketing problem-solving products for over 25 years. Patricia has extensive experience in all stages required to turn an idea into a successful product, including licensing. She possesses in depth hands-on knowledge of distribution via amazon and other online platforms.  Patricia has a channel on Youtube where she illustrates the invention process. She will soon be hosting her new podcast  called “Invent Yourself” featuring valuable information for new and seasoned entrepreneurs and innovators.

Patricia’s products have been featured in numerous major Retail stores, newscasts, podcasts, and magazines. She has appeared live on major TV stations where she answered call-in questions, spoke about her inventions, and how to use social media.Recent radio interviews have included WBZ, Radio New Zealand, “Famous U.S. Inventor” hosted by Noelle McCarthy, WWKB 1520AM nationally syndicated “Your Money Matters” hosted by Marc Pearlman , WOCM 98.1and dozens more.

Patricia is a passionate coach and speaker with universal appeal, from school kids to sophisticated executives. She motivates and inspires her clients and audiences through her often humorous  true stories describing how she “did it”. Recent speaking engagements include The British Library, FSU, Northeastern University, Workbar Boston and numerous inventor groups and businesses here and abroad.

Patricia has served as a judge at various invention events.
Patricia holds 5 U.S. Patents and several Trademarks. A prolific entrepreneur, she has developed and owned many businesses since 1985.

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