SVIIF Jury Board

Board of Juries

Silicon Valley International Invention Festival (SVIIF) has a unique and professional board of juries comprised of the experts from well-known institutions in the USA including, United Inventors Association of America (UIA), and Santa Clara University (SCU) . The following judges are appointed to evaluate the showcased inventions and select the most promising ones.

Stephen Key

Leading Expert in Licensing Consumer Product Ideas

John Calvert

Silicon Valley International Invention Festival, President of Jury

Amin Ghafooripour

Santa Clara University Professor

Andrew Meng-cheung Young

Vice President of the Hong Kong Federation of Invention and Innovation

Adrian Pelkus

A Squared Technologies, Inc. CEO

Reynaud Serrette

Santa Clara University Professor and Chair, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering

Darren Donnelly

Fenwick & West LLP, Partner

Edward J. Thometz

SEI San Francisco Chapter, Chair

Elnaz Sarraf


Hisham M. Said

Assistant Professor

Mohammad Ali Ayoubi

Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Behnam Dezfouli

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Panthea Sepehrband

Assistant Professor