World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Supports SVIIF

WIPO, one of the UN agencies specialized in Intellectual Property, has had a long-lasting cooperation with IFIA in various fields of invention and innovation. This year, WIPO supports SVIIF2019 by awarding three medals in SVIIF awarding ceremony in different categories as selected by the Jury Board. IFIA extends the most profound appreciations on the contribution provided by WIPO to support the inventors and the assistance for the dissemination of invention and innovation.

WIPO presents awards at the Silicon Valley Festival

WIPO presents awards to outstanding innovators and creators, on the basis of nominations submitted by the national intellectual property offices of WIPO

By celebrating the achievements of inventors, creators and innovative companies around the world, the WIPO Awards aim to help foster a culture in which innovation and creativity are encouraged and appreciated at every level of society. The publicity generated by the WIPO Awards also promotes wider understanding of how the intellectual property system works to serve creativity and innovation.

1- (WIPO Inventor)
2- (WIPO Creativity)
3- (WIPO IP Enterprise)


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